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Established In 1994, Denner Cashmere was created when Harriet Denner saw an opportunity to supply quality and affordable cashmere to her local community of Battersea in London. Initially sourcing cashmere from Mongolia, word of mouth quickly took over and the brand grew in popularity. Almost 30 years later, Denner’s Clapham store is now the go-to place in London for cashmere and their catalogue is enjoyed by over 30,000 customers.

Global retail has experienced a shift in recent years towards online shopping. This, coupled with the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, has meant that in order to maintain their popularity, independent fashion retailers have needed to adapt and not rely entirely on quality products and personal service.


Key Facts

Joined as an MNP client in 2008

Early adopter of the direct integration between OrderActive and Shopify

Catalogue serves over 30,000 customers

In-store, online and catalogue sales channels

Mail order shopping with a "no questions asked " return policy

Lina Volfson

Managing Director

The challenge for Denner Cashmere has been to grow into an innovative online business, whilst maintaining the values on which we were founded – appealing to customers who desire modern, chic, and understated products, whilst instilling confidence in the brand and the catalogue shopping experience. With OrderActive and the new Shopify integration, MNP has delivered a harmonious system which supports our continued growth in an increasingly complex and competitive omnichannel world.

To stay ahead of the competition and maintain an advantage, the finest customer experience needed to be delivered across all retail channels.

To that end, after using MNPs OrderActive OMS (Order Management System) for many years, Denner Cashmere made the decision to upgrade both their front and backend ecosystems simultaneously, to create a powerful system that would easily be able to handle existing traffic, with plenty of room to grow.

To achieve this, the OrderActive system was upgraded to the latest (v5) version, to work hand-in-hand with the Shopify ecommerce platform, utilising the direct integration, recently written by MNP.




OrderActive connects to multiple sales channels (websites, stores and call centres) sending the products and the stock position.  Orders placed are received by the system in real-time for processing and fulfilment, incremental stock is then updated and communicated back.

The direct integration with Shopify allows Denner Cashmere to manage customers’ orders, products and stock using the system and can segment their sales channels for a true multichannel experience.



Looking ahead, Denner Cashmere will continue to grow and create products that are sustainable, whilst keeping the ethos that got them where they are. The business takes their social and environmental impact very seriously. It is the mission of Denner Cashmere to ensure the indigenous peoples in Mongolia and the animals they raise are treated with respect and dignity. MNP are proud to be partnered with such a benevolent company and look forward to many more prosperous years together.



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