Force 4 Chandlery

Established over 35 years ago, Force 4 Chandlery is a speciality retailer of Marine supplies and sailing equipment with a strong online presence as well as bricks and mortar stores in Bristol, Poole, Cardiff, Plymouth, Swansea, Chichester, Lymington, Bursledon, Swanwick and The Hamble. An existing client to MNP using our Order Management System (OMS), Force 4 began expanding. Soon growth yielded larger order volumes requiring a more sophisticated order fulfilment system.

Force 4 needed an advanced Warehouse Management System capable of supporting both store and consumer direct fulfilment with local and international shipments using various couriers, as well as multichannel platforms. Additional required features included shared stock receiving, directed put-away, bulk storage and channel specific pick, pack and ship processes. And like any business, they wanted a system that would ensure efficient utilisation of resources including personnel, equipment, storage, and inventory.

The solution: MNP’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) implemented in 2015

MNP’s WMSActive was implemented to further enhance Force 4’s existing OrderActive order management system bringing the introduction of handheld barcode scanning devices which improved efficiencies while also reducing errors. Force 4 streamlined picking, barcoded pack confirmation, capitalising on real time inventory allocation, while also gaining benefits from stock locations for batch and bulk storage, scheduled cycle counts, sensitive task run management, and intelligent KPI reporting. WMSActive yielded more efficient staff, increased profitability by streamlining operations, and happier customers as a result of real time data for product availability and quicker order dispatch times.

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