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Going Global? Easier than You Think!

Going Global? Easier than You Think!

15th September 2016

As the global marketplace becomes simpler to participate in, the logistics of growing your domestic business across international channels may still seem challenging. Today you can expand into international territories without the significant required overhead of facilities and human resources. With the proper inventory and order management system , you can quickly expand into major international areas using services such as Amazon.

Amazon provides the customer base and the resources to facilitate the fulfillment of your goods in untested international markets. If your products could be of value to customers in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, or China, Amazon can quickly provide you the necessary exposure to validate a new business venture. Test the waters, find out what sells, then focus your marketing efforts.

While Amazon will provide you the infrastructure for quick testing and international expansion, behind the scenes you will need a flexible order and inventory management system to properly facilitate the various transactions. Having one that is capable of doing so in real-time can also be of great benefit as it enhances your customer service commitment. The MNP OrderActive Suite with real-time Amazon connectivity can enable your business to reach its global aspirations.

With MNP’s US and UK offices, we also happen to know a few things about working across international borders. We have played a key role in working with our customers to help establish these successful ventures, and we have great relationships with 3PLs if you need even more growth.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your goals and help you find new markets for your products.