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Platforms & Services

Whether the need is for an all-in-one ‘end to end’ enterprise multi-channel direct software solution, or a specific buying & procurement software solution, an order management system or a warehouse management software platform, MNP’s ActiveSeries system can be implemented to enable a modular approach to growth as the business evolves. MNP specialises in developing scalable, robust, proven direct software solutions and where users enjoy customising the platform as the business adapts, whilst still being able to leverage full versioned new releases as part of the upgrade process. MNP’s ActiveSeries core platforms include OrderActive (OMS), WMSActive (WMS), PSMActive (Buying & Product Management) and IntraActive (Fully Customisable Intranet).


Once the software system is fully operational, MNP executes its client engagement program. This value added service ensures that features and processes are shared with the user to ensure maximum benefit can be derived. Working with you on a routine basis we spend time learning your goals and objectives, and identifying opportunities and industry trends to help you grow profitably and provide an evolving end customer experience. We regularly review with you the current configuration of the software system and suggest what could be done to make the most of the MNP System. What we learn from you and your needs is factored into the ongoing development of the solutions. It is through this special relationship with our clients, the industry that we have been able to deliver year on year success.