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3PL Platform

Some brands prefer to outsource their operational requirement for call center, order management and fulfilment to third party providers. As a 3rd Party Logistics provider you will know how important it is to have order management software (OMS) or a warehouse management system (WMS) that can manage the growing expectations of today’s outsourcing retailers. Fast, efficient order fulfillment is a given but in addition, a 3PL must be able to provide on demand real-time business intelligence, inventory integrity and extra services that insures the clients brand. Dynamic custom work flows can be set up in short notice to meet each of your client’s demands. There are extra modules & services that offer further value, which can then be  monitized as part of the services provided. The software system allows each client to be set up on demand and provides all information to hand for monthly billing purposes. 

Our 3PL software users enjoy the fact that our systems were always designed to fit the 3rd Party Logistics vertical’s needs and are engineered to scale. With complex rules that are easy to implement, you have total control over inventory, warehouse locations, order processing, and more. In addition to the standard suite of reports, custom reports can be generated on the fly to help keep the client informed and your SLA’s maintained. Adding new clients and setting them live in the software system is a very quick, efficient and cost effective process.

Learn more about our 3PL order management software, warehouse management systems and our flexible and secure payment solutions using the links below.