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OrderActive OMS

MNP’s multi-client 3PL OrderActive order management system (OMS) is a software solution designed to be the hub of your operation. For 3rd Part Logistics providers, call centers and order fulfillment service providers, it offers unparalleled functionality and management of inventory, customers, and orders. The Order Management Software system provides a full customer service suite to manage inbound and outbound queries, rich order management, and a dispatch hub to enable efficient order fulfillment for all client’s sales channels. Your client’s back office software systems can be fully integrated into the OMSActive OMS software to enable both upstream and downstream data flow – all in real time. 

Inventory turns can be increased by leveraging a common inventory shared across online marketplaces and sales channels, this will help reduce markdowns and grow profits. Leverage further the top line with cross and up sells to increase the lifetime average order transaction value of each of your client’s customers. A collective win for your clients, which provides your organization with an added competitive edge, which fuels advocacy.

Should your 3PL operation need ‘enterprise’ warehouse management (Automated task management, RF and Voice), the MNP Warehouse Management System (WMSActive) can be easily added to grow your MNP OrderActive order management platform and meet your most complex warehouse/s operational needs. You will be impressed by the sheer depth and breadth of MNP’s OrderActive systems functionality and the ease of use of the OMS.

The flexible licensing and customizable client configurations are a huge win for our 3PL users. They can scale their business without breaking the budget whilst also meeting each of their customer’s needs. With the optional add-on order management software modules and services, many 3rd Party Logisitics clients are able to cross sell the offerings and monetize these software system features and add further value to their client’s enterprises. 

We welcome you to learn about our core OrderActive modules summarized below.

Integrated Customer Environment - Delivering your customer care.

An Integrated Customer Environment (ICE) within the OrderActive order management software drives control over customer related activities including order entry, order returns management, customer service, order rules processing, and held order management. The OMS software solution offers users a means to manage all aspects of the order regardless of channel and empower the user with the necessary information to engage and manage the entire customer order experience.

Core features within ICE:

• Strong, multi-field search capabilities to quickly find needed order information
• Multi-address support including split order management
• Manage customers' series and continuity subscriptions
• Manage customers' catalogue requests
• Handle order payments or part processing controls and fraud checks
• Review customer's order history
• Capture media codes for strong marketing analysis and order reporting
• Handle split payments or on account orders
• Easily support product matrices with flexible item definition and back order

Order Administration

Easy control over the Order Management Software system without the need for advanced technical experience. In fact, it is one of the benefits our 3PL OrderActive clients appreciate most, the freedom to quickly and easily add new clients, and customise the OMS software system to meet their needs without the need of our technical staff. Using the Admin suite there is complete control over the brand and how orders and customer service options are managed. With great detail and control each client/brand or sales channel can be defined and finely tuned to run as desired.

Software functionality includes:

  • Easy and fast client brand/channel creation
  • User Management including rights/roles/privileges
  • Campaigns & source management
  • Product creation, attributes and purchasing
  • Series and continuity order management
  • Payments, promotions, and discounts
  • Tax thresholds management
  • Rules, functional scripts, and dialog scripts

Order Dispatch Confirmation

Critical is a streamlined order dispatch operation. Designed with flexibility, the order management software system scales as required. Simple user interface ensures minimal training with maximum productivity. Regardless of the number of clients or operations managed within your operation, your business will run at peak efficiency.

OMS Functionality includes:

  • Confirming orders
  • Creating / adding consignments
  • Creating order labels
  • Managing exceptions