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OrderActive OMS

MNP’s OrderActive (OMS) is an order management software solution designed for single or multi-brand omni-channel retailers and for direct marketing companies whether B2C, B2B or both. Offering unparalleled functionality for inventory, customer and order management. It enables flexible configuration of the different order management workflows of each sales channel or brand. The software system provides centralized and segmented inventory, purchasing management, a full customer service suite, order management and dispatch hub to enable omni-channel fulfillment whether local, global or drop shipped. Increase inventory turns by leveraging a common inventory shared across online marketplaces, stores and direct sales channels, while also reducing markdowns and improving customer loyalty, subsequently growing average and lifetime transaction values.

Customers with advanced buying and product management and/or warehouse management system requirements can grow their MNP Order Management System Software platform. Simply add additional MNP ActiveSeries software platforms to help your business scale on demand. 

“Kurt Geiger has built its reputation on supplying superior customer service for our growing numbers of direct customers. We needed a system that supported superior customer service and we found it via MNP.”

Wayne Lear, E-Commerce Logistics Manager, Kurt Geiger

Integrated Customer Environment - Delivering your customer care.

An Integrated Customer Environment (ICE) within MNP's OrderActive OMS software drives control over customer related activities including order entry, returns management, customer service, order rules processing and held order management. The order management software system offers users a means to manage all aspects of the order regardless of channel and empower the user with the necessary information to engage and manage the entire customer experience.

Core features within ICE:

  • Strong, multi-field search capabilities to quickly find needed information
  • Multi-address support including split orders
  • Manage customers' series and continuity subscriptions
  • Manage customers' catalogue requests
  • Handle payments or part processing controls and fraud checks
  • Review customer's order history
  • Capture media codes for strong marketing analysis and reporting
  • Handle split payments or on account orders
  • Easily support product matrices with flexible item definition and back-order. 


Easy control over the OrderActive (OMS) software without the need for advanced technical experience. Using the order management system's Admin suite there is complete control over the brand and how orders and customer service options are managed. With great detail and control each client/brand or sales channel can be defined and finely tuned to run as desired.

OMS Admin system functionality includes:

  • Easy and fast client brand/channel creation
  • User Management including rights/roles/privileges
  • Campaigns & source management
  • Product creation, attributes and purchasing
  • Series and continuity management
  • Payments, promotions, and discounts
  • Tax thresholds management
  • Rules, functional scripts, and dialogue scripts

Order Dispatch Confirmation

Critical is a streamlined order dispatch operation. Designed with flexibility, the Order Management Software system scales as required. Simple user interface ensures minimal training with maximum productivity.

OMS Software functionality includes:

  • Confirming orders
  • Creating/adding consignments
  • Creating labels
  • Dealing with exceptions

Optional OrderActive OMS Modules

While the MNP OrderActive order management software provides the core system, key is choice and at the right time. Appreciated will be the flexible add-on OMS software modules and services available, which allow for system enhancements that will deliver expectations. Here's a summary of the most popular OMS modules:

Amazon +
Automated listing onto Amazon with automated processing of orders. Provides custom inventory management tools. Streamline your Amazon presence and exceed customer expectations with bi-directional real-time communications.

Amazon + Lite
For companies that do not require product listing management for Amazon but wish to automate order management processing. Process orders in real-time with shipping confirmations posted back to Amazon.

Auto PO +
System generated purchase ordering with edit functions that automates supplier ordering. Purchase orders are generated based on current stock min/max levels, back orders, and supplier ordering levels; resulting purchase orders can be edited before submission to the supplier. Additional OMS reports provide further product level business intelligence.

Bulk Update +
Inventory bulk editing using Microsoft Excel, an essential app to link external data with the MNP database. All product detail levels, including up to 40 custom fields can be utilised as required.

Consolidation of both inbound and outbound emails for customer service communications to enhance the customer experience. Includes means to define automatic responses and categorise messages.

Channel Advisor +
Easily connect the MNP Order Management Software System to process all orders from the various Channel Advisor sales channels.

Connect +
Bi-directionally connect OMS system data to all of your sales channels and 3rd parties in real-time. Use OMS as the central hub of all business information to drive company requirements and decisions.

Connect + Sub Services

Order Relay
Remove 3rd party FTP from the platform and enjoy the benefits of real-time seamless communication.

Voucher Relay 

Synchronize vouchers/gift certificates as a method of payment across sales channels.

Web Sync
Ensure all of your websites have real-time inventory, customer, and product details. Dynamic custom feeds may also be created.

Data Analyzer +
RFM and custom attribute driven customer segmentation software tool for direct marketing and third party list management. Target specific customers with unique promotions based on predefined models.

eBay +
Bi-directional real-time communications between eBay and MNP Retail Order Management Software. Quickly facilitate listing, order processing, and  fulfillmentof all stores.

Email +

Automated system generated email with a fully customizable, HTML powered template management tool.

IntraActive + 

Utilizethe system to improve business operations further, the Intranet provides a central area to allow users to check on products, and to perform various non-standard system tasks without the need for full system access. Fully  customizable.

Payment Gateway +
Token based payment gateway assisting in PCI compliancy. Coupled with Vault + your business can drastically reduce their PCI scope. See list of supported processors, others can be added on demand.

PayPal +
Integration to enable the processing of PayPal payments directly.

Report Printer +
Expand the flexibility of our system wide Crystal Reports by sharing them across the business with approved users while reducing the need for Crystal Report licenses.

Scheduler +
Automate report generation and execution based on filters (author, keywords, application, etc.) whereby reports can be exported, printed, pushed to PDF or Excel, and emailed.

Vault +
Your business can significantly reduce your PCI burden with our Vault + solution by simplifying the scope of your PCI requirements.

Warehouse +
Customers caught between the needs of the inherent Warehouse Management System capabilities within Order Management Software yet not in need of a full blown WMS solution, will find benefit in Warehouse +.

Warehouse + Sub services

Dispatch Manager
Enables users to have more control over order dispatchconfirmation with means of amending shipping methods, confirming packed items and generating reports.

Returns Manager
Order returns module, which enables users in the warehouse to process order cancellations, swaps and exchanges via barcode scanning.

Run Manager
Prioritisation of selected orders being released to the warehouse for pick, pack and ship.