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MNP’s procurement and product management software platform streamlines the process of Buying and Product Management to improve merchandise profit and speed to market. The PSMActive software automates and integrates key functions including product concept, procurement, production and shipping. The system lets you get the products you need from development to the right sales channel as quickly and efficiently as possible.




From the product conception and connection to a potential supplier you will be able to capture information initiating the product lifecycle management. With an intelligent design behind the workflow management model, built for this industry based on years of experience, your buyers and product managers will have the tools necessary to handle all inventory and purchasing management needs.

“The speed of purchase order creation and new product set up has vastly improved and has therefore enabled the purchasing team the time to spend on more important non-administrative tasks.”

Duncan Harrod, IT Manager, Harrod UK. 

Increased responsiveness to customers' needs

A single procurement and product management software system and real-time information ensures you manage the entire creative design process efficiently. New product design and development cycle times are reduced by sharing information and collaborating across internal departments, overseas offices, and external partners. The benefits are realized whether you design in-house, via agents or buy direct, or a mix by merchandise type. PSMActive can support anything from simple procurement processes to the most complex product management cycles.

Companies using PSMActive are able to:

  • React rapidly to changing customer trends
  • Improve productivity of global supply chain and delivery quality
  • Get on-trend products to sales channels faster
  • Track demand and restock date
  • Maintain lean inventory based on demand

Superior workflow management of design and buy processes

By standardising information and automating many repetitive tasks, your buying and supply chain teams are free to focus on the more productive and creative aspects of their jobs. This consistency also means you can ensure that each vendor complies with company procedures for each aspect of purchase and supply.

Time critical alerts and reminders automate the management of deliveries, inventory levels and re-orders. For example, contract end dates where the minimum quantity has not been fulfilled, costs which exceed the quoted price or booked delivery dates which are outside the limits of the contract or purchase order are all identified and buyers alerted.

Workflow features include:

  • Automation and task prioritisation to keep teams on schedule
  • Real-time data access allows easy access to status and progress
  • Manage every aspect of production and shipping

Better vendor management

Communicate your requirements clearly and consistently to your vendors wherever they are in the world and in whatever currency they use.

Feature include:

  • Sign off contracts and purchase orders
  • Make updates to estimated delivery dates and times
  • Review real time sales information and effect replenishment
  • Update vendor and product details, including costs and prices
  • Monitor vendor compliance with company standards
  • Track vendor performance with vendor scoring.