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MNP’s WMSActive warehouse management system is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of multi-client/brand retailers and 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) providers. User defined parametrisation allows the warehouse management software system to be used with minimal employee overhead in a paper-based warehouse environment, RF or voice direction using Top Vox for the fulfillment of direct customer orders and store replenishment. As business volumes expand, RF and scanning technology may be deployed in the warehousing environment and, in addition, voice to manage inventory in real-time covering receiving, put-away, replenishment, picking and PI. Voice directed warehouse picking is also available providing the ultimate in hands-free picking with the greatest accuracy and productivity. The WMSActive warehouse management software system is capable of deployment with hundreds of users for large retailers or direct to consumer operations handling tens of thousands of orders per day from warehouses. 

Packing of orders within the warehouse may be controlled by scanning with standard integration to carriers available either by direct integration or using a third party carrier aggregator.

The MNP Warehouse Management System solution covers non-food, direct customer orders together with case and pallet distribution. MNP’s WMSActive WMS system is used by a variety of businesses such as Kurt Geiger, Pure Collection, and Harrod Horticultural together with third party logistics providers such as Hallmark Consumer Services and Canute Group.

The WMSActive technology is simple to deploy, modern, and affordable. The system may be used with MNP’s OrderActive order management software or any other OMS third party platform.

“As a result of MNP’s WMS, the same 1500 unit put-away task could now be accomplished using two people in just two hours. This was a very big win for us, a night shift was no longer needed as a result of the improved efficiencies.”

Wayne Lear, E-commerce Logistics Manager, Kurt Geiger.

WMS Distribution Controller

This Warehouse Management software module primarily controls goods-in operations.

Receiving may be completed against Purchase Orders or ASN's (often used to receive containers of goods covering multiple PO's). Parameters control if and when goods are sent for Quality Control and any number of staging locations may be set up for any purpose with the WMS tracking contents of each, including timings and user information for audit purposes. The warehouse management solution allows for multiple receipts against orders to cater for partial deliveries.

Task Director

Task Director is used to control the allocation of tasks to clocked in warehouse users. This may be controlled manually if desired, or the WMS software system can automatically allocate tasks to the next available qualified operative.
Tasks being allocated to an operative may result in the production of a WMS report advising a batch of tasks to perform, or a single task may be sent to a hand held terminal (HHT) RF device.


The following tasks are controlled using Task Director:

• Receiving
• Put-away
• Replenishment
• Picking
• Stock Counts/PI
• Transfers

In the case of paper-based warehouse operations, Task Director provides task feedback screens to update the management system on completion of the task.
There are many parameters within the software for controlling the rules surrounding where goods are to be put-away. An often-used approach is to first fill the pick slot with any other goods being stored in a reserve location close to the pick-slot to minimize travel time.

Replenishment is also controlled by parameters and may be done as automated housekeeping tasks periodically when resources are available. It can also be initiated at the point of order release for picking; in this instance, the warehouse management software system will create replenishment tasks for all pick slots with insufficient quantities to fulfil the batch of orders just released.

The Stock Counts are controlled by parameters within the software system and may be generated based on rules.

WMS System Manager

This Warehouse Management module is used to manage the set-up of data, behaviour of the system (parameter setting) and the flow of outbound orders through the warehouse.

Pick Run Manager allows great control over which orders are to be released with simple or complex selection criteria. Orders may be selected based on:
• Customer
• Order dates
• Shipping dates
• Campaign code (which can refer to a wide range of criteria)
• Shipment type
• Priority
• Number of items on the order and many other criteria.

This is very important for the efficient flow of orders within the warehouse and to ensure that customer SLA's are met.

System Manager also allows for the warehouse setup in terms of configuration and location management together with definition of things such as picking containers and outbound shipping containers. Employee data and permissions, product information, definition and life cycle management (together with dashboard information to monitor service achievement), are among the other areas controlled by this warehouse management software module.



Pack Confirmation

This software module allows the picked products to be scanned into the shipping container with visual images available to further ensure order integrity. This is a quick and simple process ensuring rapid and accurate despatch of goods and of course the despatch confirmation, along with other status changes during the order lifecycle, are typically fed back to the web front-end in real time. Integration with carriers is provided to make the whole process highly efficient.

Pocket Task Director

This WMSActive WMS software module allows tasks to be completed with real-time feedback using a wireless network (RF) and is deployed on a rugged PDS (HHT) windows mobile compatible devices. This covers the following task areas:
• Receiving
• Put-away
• Replenishment
• Picking
• Stock Counts / PI
• Transfers

This warehouse management module allows for real-time inventory management and a virtually paperless warehouse. Warehouse operatives are no longer required to track their assignments on pieces of paper and the inclusion of scanning the location barcodes for verification results in much improved accuracy. It is a simple matter to run the warehouse operation using a combination of RF and paper where required.



Voice Directed Warehousing

This new WMS system module allows for voice control of the picking operation. A rugged PDA device with a sound card may be used for this purpose, as well as managing put-aways using Pocket Task Director.

Voice picking allows the warehouse operator to work in a hands-free mode as wearable devices may be deployed. Having both hands available for picking improves productivity and check digits on locations ensure accuracy. The warehouse management system technology is advanced - there is no need to train the warehouse management software on a new operative's voice and now staff can be up and running in minutes. The software system allows flexibility to mix voice picking with pocket task director and paper - especially useful where temporary staff are used to cover peak trading and there is an insufficient number of voice units available.