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Real-time Data = Real Happy Customers!

Real-time Data = Real Happy Customers!

3rd October 2016

Direct to consumer retailers that present the best consumer experience, win the business and have repeat, happy customers. Having a flexible inventory, order, and warehouse management system is a significant asset to making this happen. Having a system that supports real-time data is one step better and provides a competitive edge.

Consumers are limited in free time and today’s technology gives them the means to determine where and when products are available. If your systems are not utilizing real-time communications, however, you are more than likely to provide inaccurate information. Equally frustrating are moments where customer service representatives lack real-time visibility when answering questions.

The problem becomes more magnified when it impacts order fulfillment creating warehouse generated backorders or an inability to properly meet demands promised via marketplaces such as Amazon. A series of botched orders can yield negative reviews which will certainly jeopardize brand trust. During holiday season these issues could dramatically increase unfavorable ratings.

With a proper inventory, order, and warehouse management solution such as our ActiveSeries Suite, these problems can be avoided. Real-time data will improve quality, drive better customer service, and insure order delivery making your company a winning brand. Connect with us for a friendly discussion on how our software can boost your customer experience which in turn will drive top line growth for your business.