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While the sectors within the retail industry continue to align around common requirements, there are still distinctions between Direct Commerce, Omni-channel Retailers, and 3PL providers. A feature packed retail management system that can cover the most complex requirements across all three realms speaks volumes to the capabilities of both the product and the people behind it. As the web continues to drive new sales channels, a flexible software system at the heart of every successful business will easily adapt and support these advances while ensuring customer expectations and growth remain on track.

While these sectors have their unique needs, the variability of requirements can be broad. The need for order management software and warehouse management systems is certainly a common thread. But on the retail side buying and product management, marketing campaign management, customer care, and in-store software solutions need to meet the demands of the modern consumer; while 3PLs additionally need a quick means of adding new clients along with their unique inventory management requirements. Yet additional marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, coupled with simplified Returns Processing, etc. are a shared need by all and can easily be supported with our add-on modules. Click the representative sector links below to learn more.


“We instantly felt that MNP’s in-depth knowledge and expertise of wrapping their software around many different direct commerce businesses would result in a very worthy replacement.”

Sam Rayner, Managing Director, Lakeland Limited.