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Custom Development & Versioned Releases

Working closely with you we keep our software solutions continually advancing. Your unique needs and experiences offer great opportunities to improve the software while also streamlining your business. Our custom development services help you stay ahead by quickly identifying and adopting competitive advantages.

One of the real benefits to our system is the means to offer you this flexible software customization while maintaining you on a versioned software solution. You will be happy to know that the architecture of the MNP software system supports a custom code environment to ensure you keep your business current with our latest and greatest software while maintaining your unique requirements in the system. You get the best of both worlds of a versioned software solution and custom development to fit your business.


“We instantly felt that MNP’s in-depth knowledge and expertise of wrapping their software around many different direct commerce businesses would result in a worthy replacement.”

Sam Rayner, Managing Director, Lakeland Limited