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Our Implementation team provides project management, consultation, software installation, technical services and on-site training. Together with you, our team works to understand and integrate the full potential of MNP software platforms. This partnership will ensure the MNP implementation is planned, executed successfully, on time and to budget. 

The beginning of the journey starts with the business analysis phase.

“During the testing phase, our system reduced average order taking time by about 20%. It also reduced the system training for new members of Lakeland’s Customer Service team from six weeks to less than two weeks.”

Sam Rayner, Managing Director, Lakeland Limited.

Business Analysis

When selected, we will initially conduct a rigorous business analysis, which will summarize at a high level each business process which will be delivered with the software system. This is a critical part of the planning process as it provides us with the opportunity to prove our understanding of your requirements and demonstrate how we will establish the fit between the software system and your business objectives. Recommendations can then be made regarding the optimal software solution for your comment and approval.

These two steps provide the basis for the development of project plans showing deliverables, inter-dependencies, timescales, resource allocation, plus an assessment of potential system and business risks. It is better to work out the detail at this stage rather than face expensive post-implementation corrections.

Your go live process will be successful because the gaps will be identified upfront by our experienced staff who will spend time on site learning your detailed daily routines. Our objective is to know your business almost as well as you do. So each implementation includes representatives from our technical support team who will ensure continuity once the system has gone live. While our team will be documenting how the MNP software will need to be configured for your successful implementation, they will also be consulting you on ways to improve those routines; a win for your business all around. Once complete, we will work with you through a thorough User Accepted Testing plan to ensure expectation are exceeded. Upon your approval, a mutually agreed upon go live date will be determined, the point at which our relationship only further develops. 

Implementation Process

MNP scope of services for an implementation of an MNP Software Platform, we will provide:

  • The business analyst resource required for the business analysis phase that captures and defines the project delivery and is presented in the form of the project initiation document also known as a PID. This document sets out the deliverables and the expectations of delivery.
  • The software platforms, modules and related implementation services required for the successful delivery of the project.
  • Pro-active resources from the project start to help ensure a successful end to end delivery whether a single or multiple phase implementation.
  • A UAT platform prior to go live to ensure testing can be applied and subsequently the go live resources to ensure a positive experience.
  • A quality technical support service to quickly resolve issues and provide confidence, assurance with the ongoing use of the platform.
  • Client engagement to ensure the users of the software platform are fully aware of the functions of the platforms that will add further value to the operation and growth of the business.

Main steps of consideration for the project delivery:

  • MNP appointed to perform the business analysis phase, the outcome, a documented deliverable of the project (PIS)
  • Issue document for review
  • Amend where required
  • Reconfirm go live
  • Initiate all activities detailed following critical path indicated within the PID (Project Initiation document)
  • Manage change as required
  • Install/Configure
  • Train
  • Go live
  • Handhold
  • Go live post review
  • Technical support initiated with client engagement meetings throughout the year.

System Integration

Seamless integration with other software systems such as financial, POS and ecommerce platforms are provided through Connect+, our XML based API provides powerful features for easily getting data in and out of the system. 

Connect+ is straight forward using our API, which uses XML over HTTP. The API supports typical product, customer, order details in addition to custom data feeds required identified during the business analysis phase.

Imports are typically performed via XML in a pre-defined structure supplied. For software systems which are not able to support a direct post, it is also possible to upload orders in a CSV or a TSV format. 

As data is imported, it is possible to apply arbitrary field by field transformations, both to convert data from one format to another and to apply business-specific rules as well as manage exception handling. 

Practical benefits include;

  • Greatly improved customer service - the back office and the web store can deal automatically with almost every order and customer query.
  • Much faster response time.
  • Enhanced capacity - greater automation allows you to deal with much larger volumes of business. 
  • Reduced costs in the medium and long-term. Although set-up will be a one-off cost, software integration will save time and money in the future.
  • Improved accuracy - with web store and back office accessing the same data the chances of errors are greatly reduced. 
  • Staying competitive - efficient, timely service is vital; if your competitors run a more efficient, responsive service, you could lose your customers to them. 
  • Better use of staff time- - if back office and online software systems stay separate you are constantly wasting staff time and resources duplicating data from one system to the other and back again.

Go Live

The main aspect of the Go Live will be the data build-up of any required static, transactional, historical and content management data, which may involve new manual data entry or repeatable data transfers from legacy software systems. After data entry, final testing and final user training can take place. Once the solutions are signed off, Go Live or switch over occurs.