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MNP offers a license model choice when implementing the MNP Suite or Software Platform. 

Standard license model that allows specific or site license access to the Retail software suite for which a license fee is payable in addition to a monthly support and maintenance package. 

Alternatively, retailers are looking at their capital and operational expenses and considering whether it’s better to buy or subscribe to the software their business needs. This monthly subscription service which combines the hire of a license with a technical support package based on the subscription level purchased (*minimum term applies). 

For both models, MNP operates an open and flexible license fee structure which enables each client to add or remove the number of logons according to their retailing requirements. We can provide an initial estimate of the logons required during initial meetings and demonstrations, which will then be finalized during the subsequent business mapping stage. Licenses also require annual support fees, which are charged as a percentage of the cost of the license. A subscription entitles the user to access the retail platform and receive technical support as per service subscribed.

MNP offers a range of core and optional software services, which can be added to meet each client’s specific retailing needs. The user logon for the MNP platform is per concurrent user. Only subscribe or purchase licenses to the number of user logons needed based on how many people in the company will be logged in at the same time (meaning that logons can be shared across users in the company but not concurrently). This is more cost effective than other companies that charge a license fee for each user on the system or workstation access. 

*An expenditure that can live in either the Capex or Opex column is software. If you buy a software license, it is considered a capital expense – one that will not be fully tax-deductible the year it was purchased. Or you can opt to subscribe to software on a monthly basis. That means it is an operating expense and can be fully deducted. 

There are many examples of companies offering subscriptions for their software, where tax savings are not the only benefit. Your business will incur lower upfront costs by accessing software via a subscription license. Subscription also provides the flexibility and savings of adding or removing software seats when required, i.e. on demand scaling.

We do support both models to ensure we provide the perfect fit.