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About MNP

MNP’s passion and mission is to deploy world class on premise and cloud based enterprise retail software platforms that empowers retailers and third party logistic providers (3PL’s) to achieve and exceed their retailing ambitions. We aim to provide exceptional service at every level to help you succeed.

Our experienced team has many years of helping retailers grow their top line and perpetually improve the bottom. We stand out from our competitors because we sit on the same side of the table and ask: “how can we do it better?” If we can not help the client and improve the customer experience and their profit, we should not be there!

We are providers of retail and operational software platforms and services that:

  • Grow your top line profitably
  • Scale on demand
  • Unify your operation, customers and inventory
  • Provide business intelligence at all levels
  • Deliver a customised brand experience
  • Develop loyal and repeat buying customers
  • Expand your business without head count
  • Accelerate your growth via our client engagement program

Our support and service is designed to be sincere and exceed expectations, add value where we can and help solve the retailing challenges ahead. It may be a cliché but your success is our success; we get many of our clients through customer advocacy. MNP has offices in Salisbury UK and Delaware, Ohio within the US.