About MNP

After 20 years we continue to design our software in response to the ever demanding environment that we work in.


We pride ourselves on delivering best in class solutions and getting the best from the platform for our clients which enable them to scale their businesses unimpeded.


Understanding the needs of our clients and the industry is paramount to our success this allows us to anticipate the direction of the platform and also help our many users benefit from our years of knowledge and experience.


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To discuss how we can help you achieve your goals


Utilising our knowledge of omnichannel retail, our team spend time working with you to understand both your day-to-day business operations as well as intended future goals. As part of a thorough needs analysis, we not only capture the necessary requirements for a proper configuration of the ACTIVEseries system, we also help identify areas of improvement. Collectively, this process helps generate quick and positive returns on investment while meeting your business goals.

Our overall workflow is successful due to our people and our process.  A proactive and dedicated team supplying the end-to-end delivery across a single or multiple phase implementation.

Ongoing Support

MNP has a dedicated, customer-focused support team to give a quick and efficient fault-finding process and rapid resolution.

Account Management

Our team has a wealth of expertise and knowledge that can add value to your ambitions. A critical part of getting the most out of a new system is for the supplier to engage with the users. 

This is part of our core strategy to ensure continuous benefit is driven from the solutions we implement.

Experienced people from MNP meet regularly with our clients to discuss challenges, opportunities and business differentiators. We are always seeking to do more than solve immediate business issues using our experience and creativity that provide solutions to problems. This is where the true value of MNP is added as our team keep on making improvements specific to each business, guaranteeing that our platforms evolve as companies grow.

MNP’s Account Management team has very knowledgeable members who really understand omnichannel retailing. Combining effective project management to reduce risk and enabling us to suggest actions that will support current and future plans.