A flexible framework that facilitates customisable departmental, operational workflows and presentation of aggregated real time data for informed decision making.

Businesses today need a flexible IT infrastructure while avoiding steep development costs, yet we at MNP rarely meet a client wanting to conform to an out of the box solution.

MNP’s IntraActive module coupled with the ActiveSeries solution suite offers both advantages. The module provides a mobile supported, browser based flexible framework that facilitates customisable operational workflows and dashboards that aggregate real time data for informed decision making.

Running on MS Internet Information Server, the solution facilitates custom workflows alongside the existing plugin modules available. IntraActive can enhance communications for internal purposes, such as cross-department, or as a way to assist in managing stores. It can also provide external access to data for 3PL clients, suppliers, or drop-shippers. In all cases, users will have access to real time data for optimum decision making.

MNP’s IntraActive module delivers operational gains with new levels of insight, actionable data to drive sales, improve the customer experience, and move inventory for optimal efficiencies.

Key Benefits of IntraActive

  • Optimise business processes involving ActiveSeries Suite with custom features that have endless potential

  • Web Based Front End — Accessible from most web browsers including mobile devices

  • Quick development turnaround for new custom features and workload

  • Real time reporting

  • Intranet in store tablet functionality for vendors and capture orders in-store

  • Can make use of custom forms to capture specific data


Product search

Rich multi-faceted product search (inventory level queries, transaction history, descriptions, images, or any other data that exists within the ActiveSeries system)

Insightful reporting

Real time reporting — this could be for stores, for 3PL customers, for interdepartmental data sharing

Image management

Images can be uploaded along with delivery compliance reports on either a PO level or SKU level

Customer contact history

Full visibility of a customer’s last mailing and the last two marketing emails that they were sent

Document store

Can store word/excel documents, images, HTML articles and contract information

Shared calendars

Department/companywide calendars, including resource sharing, and email alerts

Individual calendars

Employee portal/calendar manager

Custom forms

Custom forms can be defined for capturing specific data

News feed

Items can be posted as news, with RSS feeds and a system tray alert mechanism

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Omnichannel retailer specific functionality:

For companies seeking a competitive edge, IntraActive’s access to real time data is the first step to establishing new opportunities to improve daily operations and systematically creating a better customer experience. With IntraActive your business is enabled with a framework to provide maximum flexibility to meet your custom demands.

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