The warehouse management system designed for multichannel direct and omnichannel retailers. Minimises inventory holding by managing consumer orders as well as store shipments with a shared inventory pool.

MNP’s warehouse management system is designed to flexibly support direct-to-consumer omnichannel retailers that ship FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) anywhere in the world.

Strongly supporting bulk inbound and outbound orders, WMSActive equally supports both store and direct-to-consumer fulfilment as well. The system also enables users to control multichannel inventory to meet commitments from ecommerce, marketplaces, warehouses and stores while easily allowing for inventory movement between each channel as needed. With automation applied to meet your operational needs, WMSActive streamlines your workflows freeing personnel to be more productive enabling the company to be more profitable, while also providing detailed reporting to manage the business to meet customer demands.

Key Benefits of WMSActive

  • Reduced inventory holding and system costs

  • Scales from a single site, simple operation to multiple warehouse locations

  • Increased availability of inventory

  • Easily handles complex picking strategies, back and future orders and customer returns via handheld terminals

  • Actionable insights and easy to use system

  • Resources available are used and managed with increased efficiency

  • Enables orders to be batched up and collated for release based on priorities and customer demands

  • Superior levels of customer service


Definable logic

Intelligent business logic for put-away and pick path definitions increasing availability

Task allocation

Automated task allocation to user assigned categories keeps employees actively processing requests

Off line availability

Supports paper based processing as well as wireless terminals, or a mix of both during unexpected growth

Greater control

Definable pick-run manager to provide greater control over order fulfilment processing


Real time integration to support full omnichannel goals


Grow from start-up to needing multi-client and multiple physical or virtual warehouses, all with flexible, unique configurations


Supports necessary warehouse requirements: Complex picking strategies, back and future orders, returns, directed put-away, automated replenishments, physical inventory and cycle counts

Increased accuracy

Improved customer service from faster turnarounds and reduced order errors driven by pick and pack verification

Insightful reporting

Detailed, customisable reporting (Crystal Reports) providing real time data driven actionable insights

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What our users think of WMSActive

MNP has been with us throughout our journey and our relationship with them has been one of the major factors that has underpinned our strong growth.

- Robin Horsell, Co-Founder, Schoolblazer