Buying & Product Management automates and enhances the creative design and buying processes and manages all aspects of the supply chain for omnichannel retailers.

PSMActive streamlines the process of buying, product concept, procurement, production, and shipping all through a very logical, user-friendly interface designed with product lifecycle management in mind.

Supporting a collaborative approach to buying and product management, it ensures that merchandise gets from purchase order to your sales channels as quickly and efficiently as possible. By simplifying the process PSMActive enables you to leverage a competitive advantage by shortening your time to market while simultaneously ensuring shortcuts do not jeopardise agreements with suppliers or violate internal policies for product release.

Key Benefits of PSMActive

  • Increased responsiveness to customer needs

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Enhanced inventory management

  • Forecasting capability

  • Superior workflow management of design and buy processes

  • Better vendor management and tracking

  • Speed of process from order to delivery

  • Standardisation — increasing company compliance levels

Features of PSMActive

Product lifecycle management

Product lifecycle and information management

Score cards

Score your suppliers using standardised cards

Workflow and inventory management

Workflow and inventory management

Critical path control

Critical path control over PO creation and product release

Task automation

Automation of common tasks to simplify the purchasing and product management process

Document storage

Document storage for vendor related agreements

Bulk imports

Bulk imports for quick handling of large product, pricing, or purchasing changes

Detailed data collection

Detailed flags and data collection on products and vendors for follow up reporting

Real time reporting

Reporting fuelled by real time data for accurate purchasing decisions

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What our users think of PSMActive

The speed of purchase order creation and new product set up has vastly improved, and has therefore enabled the purchasing team the time to spend on more important non- administrative tasks.

- Duncan Harrod, Harrod Horticultural.

We were impressed with the simplicity of the user interface, despite the complexity and depth available. Business analytics are available at every level of the software, so it is easy to identify issues early and report on just about anything! The support structure and staff at MNP have all been incredibly helpful from day one, and we’re looking forward to further developments.

- Lawrence Parr, Director, Force 4 Chandlery.

One of the key benefits of our close relationship with MNP is that we are able to get enhancements to the package delivered quickly and at a very reasonable cost.

- Carl Green, Operations Manager, Harrod Horticultural.