Single customer and inventory view, scalable order automation reducing overhead. Facilitates increased accuracy improving the customer experience.

The OrderActive Order Management System (OMS) is designed for single and multi-brand, multichannel businesses as well as omnichannel retailers and 3PLs/fulfilment service providers.

The platform automates inventory, customer and order management, managing both centralised and channel specific inventory levels, full customer service suite with customisable fraud rules. OrderActive offers real time ecommerce and marketplace integration selling inventory efficiently; in turn leading to reduced markdowns, improved customer loyalty and lifetime transaction value.

Key Benefits of OrderActive

  • Excellent inventory usage and accurate projected delivery dates

  • Provides prompts and ideas for upsell and cross-sell opportunities

  • Accurate information available to customers giving a seamless fulfilment experience

  • Stock turnaround time reduced, unit margin increased

  • Accurate management of inventory allowing fulfilment or order from internal and external stock locations

  • Scalable and customisable with additional plugins

Features of OrderActive

Manage inventory and orders

Manages your inventory and orders including back orders and pre-orders from all channels, in a locations all in one place

Customer service suite

Multichannel customer service suite, including automated returns and customer communications


Multi-client, multi-channel, multi-brand, multi-warehouse, multi-country, multi-supplier - manage multiple businesses and brands across all channels, countries and locations with their own (sometimes contradictory) rules


Integrated with Magento 1 and 2, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Hybris, ROC Commerce and more

Online marketplace interfaces

Online marketplace interfaces — Amazon, FBA and eBay

Flexible Promotions

Flexible promotions that can work across all channels and support all common promotions

Insightful reporting

Detailed, customisable reporting providing real time data driven actionable insights

On premise

Keep your data as safe as you want and have a fully tailored solution with your unique on premise install

User friendly

Once rules are configured users can do their job knowing that the rest happens automatically in the background

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A single view of supply, customer and demand across channels

OrderActive delivers increased stock efficiencies and more accurate promise dates. Staff members and customers  have access to accurate and timely information across all sales channels, increasing customer service levels. Streamlined order processing and reduced delivery times give the customer a superior fulfilment experience.

Reduced lost sales

MNP's OrderActive offers a single view, real time inventory locator, capable of searching for an item across all locations and sales channels — POS systems, ecommerce, catalogue call centres, kiosks and digital TV orders. This means that more orders can be fulfilled from internal and external inventory, wherever the customer is, providing a fulfilment option to suit — home delivery or pickup in-store.  In addition, it produces prompts and ideas for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.  Clients using the system typically see sales increase by up to 5% and with better margins.

A system to suit your business now and in the future

MNP’s OrderActive system is as simple or as complex as it needs to be. It can have customised functions and fields added without the need for custom coding. As an example, returns management can be instigated by online customers, call centre associates and the distribution centre team, so you truly have a system to suit your business practices.