A web based solution that turns stores into distribution and collection centres and allows omnichannel retailers to sell from the entire stock file no matter where an item is held.

StoreActive helps omnichannel retailers leverage inventory from anywhere within their estate.

The solution automates store selection based on predefined rules, executes an SLA process to ensure the customer experience is managed, improves the brand experience by enabling stores to satisfy customer order demand, provide a personalised click and collect experience, any channel return to store and order from within store to capture that order value and give a great customer experience.

StoreActive coupled with the OMS will enable a brand to:

  • Ship from store. 3 click process with simple operator user interface
  • Personalised click & collect with upsell/cross sell with single customer view
  • Return to store from any channel, instant refund, email and stock adjustment
  • Use drop ship vendor inventory/become a drop ship vendor using your inventory

Order instore for any store, click & collect or ship to home/work with tracking email

Key Benefits of StoreActive

  • Increased customer flexibility

  • Simple user interface

  • Add click and collect to any till system

  • Improved up sells in store

  • Improved conversions - even in store

  • Instant stock adjustments

Core Features

Global stock

Use DC & store inventory to fulfil direct orders based on inventory management preferences

Sell anywhere

Sell available inventory at an improved margin, reduce store mark downs

Ship from anywhere

Simple ship from store operator user interface, easy store training

Increased revenue

Upsell & Cross sell opportunities for click & collect orders – increase 1 in 5 orders by 20% AOV

Efficient shipping

Automated store selection process, manage part ships economically

Standardised customer experience

SLA manager ensures 100% customer orders are monitored with contact by exception management

Insightful reporting

Store and order exception reporting to ensure internal SLA’s are maintained at all times

True multichannel

Compliment the brand experience with a full omnichannel offering

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Omnichannel retailer specific functionality:

  • Use StoreActive add-on module providing employees with a mobile tablet solution to take orders in-store while enabling upsell/cross sell opportunities.
  • Ability to fulfil click & collect orders keeping the business at the forefront of omnichannel thinking.
  • Detailed vouchers lookups and redemption.
  • A portal to offer and take customer surveys in-store.
  • Manage store inventory counts, adjustments with minimum/maximum screens and price checks.