Gophr integrate with Metapack

The commercial landscape has changed significantly in recent years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, high-street shopping has suffered tremendously, and the vast majority of shopping is now taking place online.

As a result, e-commerce has become much more competitive, with consumers demanding more from retailers, including more convenience, visibility, and faster delivery times. To meet this demand, one of the largest same-day delivery networks in the UK – Gophr, have integrated and are now live with Metapack.

Gophr use cutting-edge technology to provide quick, convenient, and reliable last-mile delivery solutions across the UK. Some brands with whom Gophr work are Co-op, Boots and Selfridges.

The Gophr integration will make it easy for more retailers on Metapack’s global delivery management platform to offer rapid and easily trackable deliveries for customers across the UK.

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