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There is nothing worse than a software user manual as a tool for training. They make great reference resources but your company deserves real-time training on your system, with your data, configured per the results gathered during the business analysis phase. Our experts know this is critical to a successful transition to our software solutions. The hands on, face-to-face sessions help ensure your team is ready to use our solutions from day one.

Our training model also adopts the “train the trainer” method to enable your organization to teach our system to those individuals that join your business at a later date. But should you need help in those endeavors we’re always glad to assist. Our client engagement program also helps keep you up to date on new features within the software system, and should there need to be additional training for those, we can make that happen.

We also use this time to not only teach some of the system setup but work with you to do it. Learning new materials is often best retained when performing the act. Configuring certain aspects of your system during the training process helps commit these areas of the software to memory so they are retained for use in the future. MNP can also help you document your own specific processes to help with auditing, as well as the ongoing management and development of your system.


“MNP are Business People that make software work for you.”

Susan Johnson, Founder, Bella Di Notte.