Modular Order Management System For eCommerce, Multi-Channel and 3PL

  • The ACTIVEseries is MNP's custom, in-house, Order Management System which we develop, maintain and implement for our customers who are reliably processing hundreds of thousands of orders a day.
  • It is a purpose built solution grown out of managing the life cycle of orders, not financials, staff, or stores and can be used to control single channel all the way up to being the core ERP system for your retail or multi-channel business.
  • This means that when you partner with MNP you not only get great software, you partner with experts in all aspects of order, warehouse, ecommerce and retail management who understand the complexities and nervousness that transformational changes can bring and will help you through the whole journey.


Our Software

The core software is developed, maintained and implemented in-house meaning that we work directly with you to make sure that your problems are solved.

Expert Integrators

As we are focused on making our software as good as it can be, we are experts at integrating to your existing solutions and other best in class systems.


With a modular product approach we have the flexibility to focus on the components that help to solve your issues.

Our Products


Order Management System

Single customer and inventory view, scalable order automation reducing overhead. Facilitates increased accuracy improving the customer experience.


Warehouse Management System

The warehouse management system designed for multichannel direct and omnichannel retailers. Minimises inventory holding by managing consumer orders as well as store shipments with a shared inventory pool.


Buying and Product Management

Buying & Product Management automates and enhances the creative design and buying processes and manages all aspects of the supply chain for omnichannel retailers.


Instore Fulfilment Solution

A web based solution that turns stores into distribution and collection centres and allows omnichannel retailers to sell from the entire stock file no matter where an item is held.


Intranet Framework

A flexible framework that facilitates customisable departmental, operational workflows and presentation of aggregated real time data for informed decision making.

Client Case Studies

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Lina Volfson

Managing Director

The challenge for Denner Cashmere has been to grow into an innovative online business, whilst maintaining the values on which we were founded – appealing to customers who desire modern, chic, and understated products, whilst instilling confidence in the brand and the catalogue shopping...

Carl Green

Operations Manager

We can now handle in excess of 1000 customer orders per day with ease and productivity per staff member is higher.

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We were impressed with the simplicity of the user interface, despite the complexity and depth available. Business analytics are available at every level of the software, so it is easy to identify issues early and report on just about anything! The support structure and staff at MNP have all been incredibly helpful from day one, and we’re looking forward to further developments.

- Lawrence Parr, Director, Force 4 Chandlery.